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  • Iran, Switzerland discussed economic ties

    TEHRAN, Dec. 08 (MNA) – President’s chief of staff has visited Johann Schneider-Ammann, President of the Swiss Confederation, on Thursday to improve bilateral economic ties and banking transactions.

    Mr. Mohammad Nahavandian headed for Switzerland on Wednesday to seek the country’s aid in bringing some level of activity to Iran’s banking system which had found the world mainstream financial system restricted for doing business.

    Mr. Nahavandian met on Thursday evening with Schneider-Ammann, where he hailed any roadmap to accelerate banking cooperation and economic ties in general. “With wider prospects of stability and boom for Iran’s economy after JCPOA implementation, now both countries would work to bring to the main track the agreements signed before,” Nahavandian suggested. “The international companies have frequented Tehran in finding economic fortunes in Iranian untapped economic projects; Switzerland, which houses great multinational financial firms, would play a great role in providing credits for such projects, and Iran’s banking system would hail such prospects of cooperation with Swiss firms as well; there is a huge potential of trade between two economies,” said the president’s chief of staff. 

    Nahavandian also believed that Switzerland and Iran would work in both short- and long-term agreements; all companies in both sides expect higher level of exchanges in short-term.

    Schneider-Ammann hailed continued Tehran-Bern talks; “I am very pleased at the prospects of negotiations commissioned with President Rouhani’s visit to UN headquarters in Geneva; today, Iran and Switzerland have increased the trade balance to twice that before JCPOA implementation; Switzerland wants to see even broader cooperation with Tehran and would also help the country in banking transactions and joining Tehran in its efforts to alleviate restrictions in its financial sector,” he told the meeting.

    “There is no political barrier in the way of more and effective economic relations between Tehran and Bern and I believe they should also diversify their grounds of cooperation,” Swiss president added.

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