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  • Death of Mehdi Habibi, Iranian Wingsuit Pilot in Switzerland

    Mehdi Habibi, Iranian wing suit pilot, a base jumper and a mountaineer died in an unsuccessful jump from Swiss Mountains while he was getting ready for the global US competitions.

    Mehdi Habibi was the most professional wing suit pilot in Iran. He was 38 and was very successful in flying.  He had 4500 skydives  included 1000 wing suit jumps. And also he had 800 base jumps included 270 wing suit jumps.

    He had flies in many countries like; North America, Mexico, Canada and many different locations in our beloved country, Iran.

    Mehdi Habibi is one of the pioneers of this sport in Iran. Most recently he succeeded to sign a record 43 meters p to 3 neers of this  beloved country, Iran.


    The embassy of the I.R. of Iran has sympathy with his family in Iran and Canada



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