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  • The 10th International Energy Conference in Iran

    The 10th International Energy Conference which is the greatest event of Iran in the field of energy is aimed to create a forum to reach specialized and outstanding national and international deliberations, accomplishments and contemporary research activities in energy sector. The 10th International Energy conference (IEC2014) invites all potential experts, academics, researchers and students to participate in the Conference and share and discuss their view points with others and interact with distinguished international figures in the energy sectors and governmental authorities. 

    We encourage you to read more detailed information about the Conference at this website and register your participation. We look forward to seeing you in Tehran! 

    The main topics of this year's Conference are: 

    1. Energy Resource Management
    • Energy Planning and Policy Making
    • Energy Sector Legislation & Regulation
    • Demand Management and Energy Efficiency
    • Energy Foresight
    • Structural Changes in Energy Sector
    • National Energy Master Plan
    • Human Resources Management in Energy Sector
    • Strategic Priorities in Energy Sector
    • Opportunities and Threats of Energy Sector
    • Energy and International Organizations
    • Energy Diplomacy and National Security
    • Energy Statistics
    • Financial Management in Energy Sector
    1. Energy and Economics
    • Privatization in Energy Industry
    • Financing Energy Projects
    • Competition and Energy Market Organization
    • Energy Pricing and Energy Subsidy Reform
    • Business Development and Energy Trade
    • Energy Service Companies
    • Value Chain in Energy Industry
    • Global Financial Crisis and Energy-based Economies
    • Oil Revenue Management
    1. Energy Technology and Environment
    • Green Economy and Energy Industry
    • New Technologies in Production, Transmission and Energy Consumption
    • Loss Reduction and Efficiency in Energy Production
    • Energy Recovery Technologies
    • Renewable Energies
    • Distributed Generation and CHP
    • Smart Grid and Energy Infrastructure
    • Global Warming and Emissions Trading
    • Social Costs of Greenhouse Gas Emissions
    • Unconventional Energy Resources
    • Prospects Energy Technologies
    • International Energy Conventions and Protocols
    • Climate Change and in Energy Sector

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