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  • Swiss envoy summoned to Foreign Ministry

    Tehran, Feb 10, IRNA – Swiss Ambassador to Iran Giulio Hass who heads the US interest section office in Tehran was summoned to the Foreign Ministry on Monday.

    The ambassador was summoned following imposing sanctions against a number of Iranian companies by the US government and some baselss claims in the US Treasury Department.

    According to the report of Foreign Ministry Media Department on Monday, Director General of North America Affairs, in a meeting with the Swiss Ambassador called the US government action as well as some remarks of its officials contrary to “Joint Action Plan” signed in Geneva and underlined that baseless claims in the US Treasury Department merely indicated the US government confusion in determining its stance toward issues such as terrorism.

    He stressed that the world public opinion considers Iran as among the biggest victims of terrorism and martyrdom of tens of thousands of Iranian citizens and Iranian diplomats in Yemen, Iraq, Afghanistan and Beirut are all witnesses to this fact.

    He added Iran’s stance concerning necessity of fighting against this ominous phenomenon is clear and the USA, with its obvious support of terrorist groups in the region, is not in a position to make such accusations against Iran.

    The official strongly denied such claims and condemned them.

    The ambassador told the Iranian diplomat that he will transfer the protest to the US government immediately and will inform Iran’s government of the result..

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