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    Gholamali KHOSHROO

    Ambassador of the Islamic Republic of Iran

    to the Swiss Confederation


    Born January 16, 1955


    Diplomat by vocation, Sociologist by education,

    1981-1989 Dean of the School for International Relations (affiliated to Foreign Ministry),

    1989-1995 Ambassador and Deputy of the Permanent Mission of I.R of Iran, U.N, New York

    1995-1997  Dean of the School for International Relations,

    1995-2014  Board member of the Encyclopedia of the World of Islam,

    1997-1999  Deputy Foreign Minister for Research and Training,

    1999-2002   Ambassador to Australia,

    2002-2005   Deputy Foreign Minister for Legal and International Affairs,

    2005- 2014.  Assistant Secretary General of the Asian Parliamentary Assembly,

    2007- 2014  Senior Editor of the Encyclopedia of Contemporary Islam ,

    2010-​ 2014  Member of Policy Making Council of  “Iran Diplomacy”.


    In recent years, he has extensively worked on current developments of contemporary political Islam and its implication for western societies. He has also contributed to various forums and seminars on how to promote dialogue and moderation among nations and how to contain extremism and sectarian violence. As a sociologist he studied at Tehran University and New School for Social Research, New York, U.S.A. He has published several articles and book on political and cultural affairs.

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