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  • The Islamic Republic of Iran's comprehensive plan for settling down the Syrian crisis

    1. Immediate end any type of aggressive and armed move under the supervision of the United Nations. At this stage the government and the entire armed groups must immediately end their moves, particularly in residential areas and in order to restore the status and establish peace and security, they must also cooperate with the UN special envoy and the committee that works under his supervision.
    2. Immediately after the end of the clashes presentation of humanitarian contributions to the Syrian victims in all damaged parts of the country must begin without any type of discrimination. In order to ensure the implementation of this important mission it would be necessary to end the imposed sanctions against Syria and that the ground would be paved for the return of the entire displaced Syrians living in camps back to their permanent residents.
    3. Simultaneous with establishment of peace and stability, comprehensive national dialogue inclusive of the representative of the entire political and social tendencies and the Syrian government must be held aimed at establishing a national reconciliation committee urgently. These talks must pave the way for the establishment of a transitional government that would be unanimously acceptable. The duty of this government would be holding free and competitive elections for establishment of the new parliament, the new founding members of a parliament to prepare the new Syrian Constitution, and for holding the presidential election, all in due times.
    4. All the people who have been detained merely due to their political activities, regardless of the groups or tendencies, to which they belong, must be freed from the government prisons and from the detention of the decedent groups. The crimes of those who have committed them must be proved at legitimate courts of justice after fair trials.
    5. The process of distorted information dissemination about the Syrian developments must end as soon as possible. The entire media and media representatives must have the chance of working and dispatching news items freely and free from distorted tendencies and the discriminatory hegemony of certain groups from Syria, to be able to reflect the real viewpoints of the Syrian people for the world public opinion.
    6. The establishment of a committee to estimate the amount of damages and the cost for reconstruction of the ruined infrastructures in Syria. The duty of this committee is establishing an appropriate strategy aimed at attracting foreign contributions, allocation of priorities for reconstruction, and deciding the way for participation of the organizations and friend counties in the process of reconstruction.

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