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  • Calling for the thirty-third international festival of Khwarizmi

    The Secretariat of the Kharazmi International Festival is scheduled to host the thirty-third international festival of Khwarizma. Those interested in participating in the 36th Kharazmi International Festival can submit their plans by the end of September this year. Acceptable plans should be in seventeen specialized groups including chemical, mechanical, electrical and computer technology, art, architecture and urbanization, agriculture and natural resources, basic sciences, civil engineering, engineering and technology management, materials, metallurgy and new energies, biotechnology and The basic sciences, environmental sciences, nanotechnology, aerospace, software and information technology, mechatronics and defense industries.

     Applicants can be register through the Kharazmi International Festival of Information at www.khwarizmi.ir by referring to the Kharazmi International Comprehensive System for registration.

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